University of Computer Studies (Panglong)


To promote the computing education for the development of manufacturing and business of nation, the job opportunities for the citizens and the improvement of individual incomes.


To produce more experts who have the practical ability to invent, install, experiment with, and apply computer hardware and software with a view to making Myanmar a modern and developed Nation and to train Information Technology (IT) professionals for Myanmar.


Government Computer College (Panglong) was opened in the National Solidarity and Development Association Hall in 4 September 2000. In 20 January 2007, it was promoted into University Level and become University of Computer Studies (Panglong).

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University of Computer Studies (Panglong) is trying to produce well-qualified computer technicians to support the development of region. It is also trying to upgrade not only the qualities but also the quantities.
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Our University Life

University of Computer Studies (Panglong) offers student hostel to the students.

The students from University of Computer Studies (Panglong) can access public WiFi in the University campus.

The prescribed textbooks for Computer Science and Technology, Reference Books, Thesis Books, Project Books, Old Questions, Literature Books for Knowledge and Emotion can be borrowed by using library card.

In University of Computer Studies (Panglong), football, volley ball, table tennis, badminton and other fun fairs in special days are celebrated. Students can use the free space which University assigned to practice their desired sports and games.

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